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Welcome to Casa Casa Property Services

Our Passion accommodating people and helping them meet the Beauthy of Lagos and the Portuguese culture was and still is what motivates us.

Who Are We

We are a Property Services Company offering solutions to People.

Our Mission

To make life simply easier for everyone.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a better Vacation experience for people.

Our history

Is best described by steady development and progression into an integrated and multifaceted real estate property investment management company.

Our 3-D process


Business dimension

We know doing good business, refers to the practical needs that cause customers to seek our services. We build long-term customer loyalty by identifying, understanding, and meeting a broad range of business needs. A central business task is balancing two sets of needs, the customer’s need for a product or service, and the organization’s need for efficient, profitable operations.


Human dimension

Whe know that every customer has human needs for respect, individual attention, and other care beyond the practical focus of the interaction. To create positive defining moments, we must recognize and respond to the customer’s human needs. Particularly with an upset customer, skills in the human dimension can spell the difference between keeping and losing that customer.


Hidden dimension

We know that usually Organizational needs, often hidden from the customer, heavily influence the ability to build loyalty. For example, a hidden need to contain costs or make efficient use of time may limit the level of service. Other hidden variables include policies and procedures, available resources, levels of empowerment and the quality of working relationships.

Why choose us?

Our Property Services company will help you, as the owner to maintain occupancy. By far the most important thing a property management service can do for your rental property is to keep it rented so there is no interruption in your rental income.

Every day that a Rental Property sits empty represents a diminished return on their investment for owners (ROI). We work to maintain occupancy and also to decrease costs where possible, both of which will increase the return on their investment (ROI).

We communicate in Portuguese, English; German, Spanish and French.

Without a doubt, people who own ‘Rental Property’ want to receive a good return on their investment (ROI). Savy owners know that the best way to increase return on their investment (ROI) is to hire a ‘Property Management Company’ they can trust. While there is a fee for their services, a ‘Property Management Company’ can help owners to get a better return on their investment by utilizing a variety of ‘know-how’.

We are a team of like-minded individuals who not only bring our own professional experiences, innovative ideas, creativity and methodologies but can leverage each others talents and strengths. In this way, we can figure out solutions to the most complex of challenges and deliver practical yet impactful solutions to potential property owners/clients.

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Sit back & Enjoy


What our customers have to say about us

I live away and this makes managing my rental extremely difficult. 'Casa Casa Property Services' take care of everything, meaning I do not need to worry about a thing. I have also increased my earnings do to the great service they offer. Guests are always happy, and so is my family.
Jose Feio
My airbnb rentals were getting a little hard to manage by myself. Since using 'Casa Casa Property Services', I have freed myself from the daily management chores, while increasing bookings every months. I´d highly recommend them to anyone who own property in Lagos.
mature woman
Office Secretary
The Team is always Simple, efficient, and they offer a great professional service. My occupancy rates have gone up, due to the increase in 5-star reviews on booking.com. This in turn has boosted my earnings a lot. I Highly recommended 'Casa Casa Property Services'.
Sales Director

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